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Ophtalmic Compagnie


Contact lenses and multipurpose solutions

Ophtalmic Contactologie is an independent French laboratory. Our experience in the vision professions combined with our investments in research allows us to develop technological innovations with a complete range of lenses and maintenance solutions that perfectly meet the new needs of patients.

Innovation through research

L'innovation par la rechercheDeveloping the new lenses of tomorrow means going beyond the expectations of patients to provide them with ever greater safety, sharpness and comfort. 

It is for this reason that Ophthalmic Contactology is focusing its research efforts on the development of new contact lens geometries, the choice of performance materials and the composition of maintenance solutions that preserve ocular physiology.

Easier adaptation

Une adaptation facilitéeThanks to the innovations imagined by our researchers, each year we can develop new lens profiles that adapt better and more quickly to the specificities of the eye of all wearers, while improving safety and comfort. image for example of Ophtalmic HR lenses, the largest range in France of monthly or daily silicone-hydrogel lenses, all equipped with UV filters.

These innovative soft lenses provide optimal hydration and oxygen permeability while providing ease of fit for unmatched comfort and sharpness.

An ever wider choice of lenses

lentilles toujours plus largeOphthalmic Contactologie provides its partners and customers with the widest range on the market, from rigid lenses (LRPO) to soft hydrophilic lenses (LSH).

Our ranges adapt to all ametropia, whether spherical, toric or progressive.

Our ranges of lenses meet all renewal expectations, daily, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. They are perpetuated over time in order to respect the choices and expectations of all our customers.

A range of maintenance solutions

Une gamme de solutions d’entretienThe range of Ophthalmic Contactologie solutions covers the multifunction and oxidizing categories responding to all types of lenses. To guarantee ever further wearing safety, Ophtalmic Contactologie develops lens care products incorporating the most recent technological advances, such as the multifunctional solution Jazz Comfort based on a clever combination of allantoin and hyaluronic acid allowing a prolonged ocular tolerance.

Our sites specializing in contactology

» Ophtalweb

The Ophthalmic trial lens ordering site for ophthalmologists only.

» Ophtalmic E-Space

The portal dedicated to optical professionals to order our lenses in 2 clicks.